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OEM 802.11b Module Features Small Size, Low Power Consumption

A complete IEEE 802.11b module from Data Hunter targets low-cost OEM wireless LAN applications. The module is only 1.6-by-2.4-in.It’s consumes 210 mW in receive mode and 350mW maximum in transmit mode, making it well-suited for battery-powered systems.

Asynchronous serial-channel throughput is 115 kbits/s. The module can be controlled directly from a microcontroller or through an RS-232 connection. Its range is 1000 ft. and it requires no redesign of the user’s pc-board. A protocol stack and drivers are built in. Logic-level or TTL output is optional, as are a built-in ceramic antenna or external antenna connector.

Contact Data Hunter for availability.
The OEM Wireless 802.11b module costs $79 in single-unit quantities. A developer kit costs $249.
Visit www.datahunter.com/2

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