Electronic Design

On2 Optimizes Video Codecs With ARM Solution

On2 Technologies announced at the Mobile World Congress that it's using ARM NEON technology to optimize the performance of some of its video software codecs. On2 employed SIMD media processing extensions to the ARM Cortex-A series of processors to reduce the necessary clock cycles and increase the playback performance of video formats used in mobile devices. The technology will enable longer battery life, support for higher resolution and frame rates, and more accessible high-quality web video content. “On2 ... identified NEON as widely adopted technology that is powering multimedia capabilities on the next generation of high-performance mobile handsets," Bill Joll, president and CEO of On2, said in a statement. On2 used the ARM RealView Development Suite 3.1 Professional to optimize its codecs for NEON technology before development boards were available. This simulation enables the company to provide OEMs and chip vendors with NEON technology-optimized software codecs while chip solutions are still in the design phase.

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