Electronic Design

Open-Frame Converters Power Itanium 2 Processors

The Power Pod dc-dc converters are specifically designed for use with Intel Itanium 2 processors. Targeted at computing OEMs, the 12-V input Power Pod is an open-frame design that's optimized for thermal management. Available in a 4.915- by 0.870- by 2.785-in. form factor, it's one inch shorter than the industry standard. The unit's smaller profile frees board real estate in high-density systems. The 12-V Power Pod can fit into a 1U system. A 48-V Power Pod is also available to achieve efficiency and transient response in systems incorporating a 48-V distribution system bus. The 12- and 48-V Power Pod dc-dc converters are available now. Pricing starts at $180 for the 12-V unit and at $275 for the 48-V unit.

www.celestica.com/power; (866) 740-1232

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