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Open-Socket Terminators Hold Position Open On Boards For Processors

New open-socket terminators are now available for high-performance computers that use multiple Intel Pentium III processors. The devices fit in any unused processor socket and terminate the systemÕs high-speed buses to maintain proper operation. In multi-processor systems, any unused processor socket must be populated with a special terminator to ensure that each data or clock line "sees" the correct impedance. This minimizes reflections and other potential signal problems that can develop in high-speed systems. The company is the first manufacturer approved by Intel to produce and market these terminators and was also the first to produce terminators for IntelÕs prior series of high-performance processors. The new open-socket terminators feature a special blue circuit board to make them easily distinguishable from earlier models. Pricing depends on quantity, options, etc. DATAMATE PRODUCTS, Methode Electronics Inc., Chicago, IL. (708) 867-6777.

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