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Operating Environment Handles Multiprocessor Applications

Supporting distributed multiprocessor application development on Analog Devices' TigerSHARC processors, the Trident operating environment provides designers the ability to code, debug, and optimize applications on multiprocessor, multi-board, and multi-system platforms. The software suite, which can support up to 65,000 processors, includes embedded libraries and host tools that seamlessly integrate with Analog Devices' Visual DSP++ development tool chain. Trident's modular design accommodates multiprocessor synchronization for threads on different processors, large-scale messaging capabilities with point-to-point and broadcast APIs, and high-speed data transfers.

The underlying inter-process communication supporting each module occurs across high-performance LVDS link ports that are either directly connected or configured via BittWare's FPGA ATLANTiS framework. Optimized for low-latency and high-throughput, Trident's performance will not decrease even as the number of processors increases. Coupled with the company's FPGA and DSP devices, Trident offers a strong development environment for large-scale defense/aerospace, high-end instrumentation, life sciences, and communications applications.


The Trident multiprocessor operating environment is available now.


Trident costs $10,000 per project for a maximum of three development seats. It is royalty and run-time free when used on BittWare hardware. A 30-day trial version is available.


Visit www.bittware.com.

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