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Operator Interfaces House Monochrome Display

With a full ASCII keyboard and 32 user-definable LEDs, UniOP operator interfaces support an extensive range of data entry and operator feedback activities. Models CP12G-04 and CP13G-04 feature a 4-line, 20-character monochrome graphic display with a 120 x 32-pixel resolution. The interfaces offer use of alarms and multi-language and down-loadable and scalable fonts. The CP12 extends these features with the use of recipes and a dedicated PC/printer port that can be used for modem connection or connection to a serial printer. Connection to an intelligent device is not a problem, as more than 130 drivers for connection to a wide range of PLCs and motion controllers are provided. Along with serial communication drivers, the interfaces support connection to a high-speed bus network, such as DeviceNet, Profibus DP, Interbus SDS, and CANopen. Up to 32 UniOP interfaces can be connected and connected to multiple PLCs. The CP12G-04 can act as a server or a client in the UniNET network, and the CP13G-04 can only act as a client.


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