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Optical Transceivers Operate At 3.3V

Featuring TTL signal detect output eliminating the need for a PECL-to-TTL level shifter, MDX-19 family of optical transceivers runs off 3.3V supplies to reduce overall communications system power consumption, component count and pc board space requirements. The devices provide bidirectional data communications over multimode or singlemode optical fiber and is well-suited for use with Fibre Channel, ATM, HIPPI-Serial or Ethernet protocols. They come in a wave-solderable, 9.8 mm high package with industry-standard footprint of 1 x 9 mm that is compatible with mezzanine card systems. And they have an SC duplex fiber optic connector for easy integration into a wide range of system formats. Short wavelength versions operate at 850 nm and use a vertical cavity surface-emitting laser to provide high performance and low cost. Long wavelength versions operate at 1300 nm and are specially designed for intermediate and long-reach data links at transfer rates up to 1.25 Gbps.

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