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OrCAD Partners With Digi-Key And Marshall On The Internet

Through partnerships with Digi-Key and Marshall Industries, OrCAD's design tools for pc boards and programmable logic are able to access the World Wide Web for real-time pricing, availability, lead times, specifications, symbols and footprint information on thousands of components. The data is accessible to users of OrCAD's Capture CIS (Component Information System) and Express CIS software. Those tools use a new CIS Database Creation Wizard that supports design reuse and automatic creation of component databases, which it accomplished by extracting component data from customers' archives of designs. Automated Internet access to Digi-Key and Marshall data is now available in North America to purchasers of the OrCAD Capture CIS and Express CIS tools. The Database Creation Wizard is free to users whose tools are covered by warranty or an extended support option. It can be downloaded from

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