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Oscillator Chips Achieve Accuracy Without External Reference

Three new devices have been added to the EconOscillator line of reprogrammable, single-chip devices for providing system reference frequencies- EconOscillators are accurate to ±1% over time and temperature for commercial devices, require no external timing components, and use little board space when compared to other devices, such as traditional resonators and oscillators. The three new EconOscillators include: DS1075-IND for operation over a -40°C to 85°C temperature range; DS1073 for battery-powered applications; and DS1065, which comes housed in a 3-pin TO-92 package rather than the EconOscillators' existing 8-pin packages. EconOscillators also can be used to generate multiple output frequencies in the 30 kHz to 100 MHz range through use of a master oscillator followed by a user-programmable on-chip prescaler and divider. And for greater accuracy, an 8-pin device can be used with an external clock or a crystal reference.


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