Wireless Systems Design

Oscillator Targets OC-48 And OC-768 Applications

The 2.5-GHz M625 surface-mount-technology (SMT), voltage-controlled SAW oscillator (VCSO) is designed for use in OC-48 and emerging OC-768 applications. This includes possibilities like high-speed SONET/SDH and GbE applications. It offers good phase noise performance (−100 dBc/Hz at around 1 kHz) and spectral purity, while requiring a low supply voltage of only +3.3 Vdc. Its small size of 0.6 × 0.8, combined with its minimal power requirements, make it ideal for reducing overall board space and circuit complexity within current and newer designs. The result is an opportunity to reduce total manufacturing costs without sacrificing performance.

Specific features of the M625 VCSO include solid SAW jitter performance and aging, frequency stability, and tuning linearity. It consumes a mere 0.4 W and operates at 3.3 V. Available now, this device is targeted at applications in the following areas: telecommunications, clock and data recovery, phase-locked oscillators (PLOs), low-noise frequency sources, and handheld communication oscillators.

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