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Overcurrent Protection Gets Miniaturized


The AccuGuard line has expanded to include the 0402 AccuGuard II thin-film fuse. The company claims that this SMD fuse is the world's smallest. In such an ultra-miniature package, it can provide reliability, economy, accuracy, and speed. With an expanded range of current and voltage ratings, the 0402 precision fuse enables advantages that aren't found in conventional fuse technologies. Examples include a miniature size and profile, as well as the ability to be placed anywhere on the circuit board. Constructed on alumina substrate in a chip-style package, this fuse can be surface mounted using automated assembly equipment. Among its potential applications are portable communications products, PDAs, digital cameras, and battery chargers.

The 0402 fuses are rated at 32 V with a current rating of 0.25 A and a fusing current of 0.625 A. The resistance is 650 Ω with a voltage drop of 220 mV. Additionally, the 0402 fuses are rated for operation over the full temperature range. They span −55°C to +125°C.

The 0402 AccuGuard II Thin Film Fuses come in 7-in. reels in 5000- and 20,000-piece quantities. They are compatible with high-speed pick-and-place equipment. Typical pricing for the fuses starts from $0.10 in OEM quantities, with a lead time of six to eight weeks.

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