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Package Aids Digital/Soft Radio Designers

The Digital/Soft Radio Development System package is available for accelerating product development for DSP-based systems. The package includes: the firm’s Monaco C6201 Quad VME DSP board; PMC-MAI 65-MHz, 10-bit ADC module; and PEM-4PDC quad programmable downconverter receiver. It also includes: Digital Radio Wizard, a GUI-based configuration/analysis software tool; Go DSP Code Composer (‘C6x for Windows NT); TI Tools; Software Development Kits and documentation; and all the necessary cables.The hardware, along with the Digital Radio Wizard, offer a quick and easy way to experiment with a digital radio system. The Wizard enables users to play with all the programmable features of the modules and see the effects in real-time.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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