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Package Bridges Plastic-To-Metal Gap

Using multiple large-diameter wire bonds and a heavy power terminal, the PowIRtab package can handle currents up to 180 ARMS to bridge the gap between TO-247 plastic and metal packages. Combining large creepage distance with the lowest possible internal contacting resistance and stray inductance ensures optimal performance in high- and low-voltage applications. The package is designed to fit within the TO-247 and TO-218 footprints. An exposed tab provides optimal electrical and thermal connection with high current handling. The terminal also offers board insertion fingers to let designers increase the power density of existing circuits without modifying the design. These packages are well suited for applications such as welders, fork lifts, generators, switched-mode power supplies and UPSs. This package is used for firm's standard rectifier diodes, fast recovery diodes, Schottky diodes, and HEXFREDs.


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