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Package Combines Thermal Performance Of TO-263 With 8-Pin SOIC Footprint

The thermal performance of the much larger TO-263 package is combined with the industry-standard 8-pin SOIC footprint to create the Bottomless package that allows dc/dc converters to meet high-current microprocessor requirements. Package resistance is said to be nearly eliminated, allowing for what's claimed as the industry's lowest RDS(ON) in the area of an SO-8. The package eliminated the wire bonds and allows the pc board heat sink to be in direct contact with the solderable backside of the MOSFET die. The package reduces the junction-to-case thermal resistance below 1°C/W. Thermal resistance is further improved by providing heat conduction from both the drain contact on the bottom of the package and the source leads which are thermally well coupled to the MOSFET source. The FDS7064A, the first product in the Bottomless family, has a typical on-resistance of 4.5 milliohms at 4.5 Vgs. Pricing is $0.95 each/10,000.


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