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Package Revs Up Development Of Multiprocessing Boards

In partnership with Hunt Engineering, the company has introduced the HEXPress-QUAD, TMS320C6000-based multiprocessing DSP board development package for accelerating design cycle times for the DSP boards. In addition to a quad-DSP, PCI-based board, the package also provides tools that include Texas Instruments' Code Composer Studio and Hunt Engineering's Server/Loader v3.0.
The system can be configured with integer or floating-point processors, or a blend of the two. Standard configurations allow the developer to choose any mix of TMS320C6201 or TMS320C6701 processors. Upgrades to other processors in the family, such as TMS320C6203 or the TMS320C64xx family, are scheduled to become available throughout the year.
The system currently offers 4 GFLOPS or 9600 MIPS of processing power, but is expected to boost this to 35,200 MIPS by year's end. The package sells for $16,000.


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