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Commercial Packages Handle Heavy Electrical And Thermal Demands
Members of the SE50 line of standard off-the-shelf designs handle packages operating between dc and 50 GHz. They can withstand the heavy electrical and thermal demands re-quired to protect the broadband and power MMIC amplifiers needed for LMDS, point-to-point, and point-to-multipoint technologies.

With a standard copper laminate base, the packages have a patented microstrip-embedded microstrip-microstrip transition design. Two sizes are offered, and custom configurations are available upon request. The 0.390- by 0.330-in. package has a cavity length of 0.200 in. and a width of 0.140 in. It offers six RF I/Os. The 0.300- by 0.300-in. package has a cavity length of 0.100 in. and a width of 0.100 in. It features two RF I/Os and eight dc I/Os.

According to the company, members of the SE50 line serve as building blocks needed for point-to-point, LMDS, and optical amplifiers for the OC-192 and OC-768 standards. Contact the company for pricing and availability.

StratEdge, 4393 Viewridge Ave., San Diego, CA 92123; (858) 569-5000; fax (858) 560-6877; www.stratedge.com.

Plastic Enclosure Meets UL 94-5VA Flame-Retardant Standard
The sleek profile and rounded corners of the SL series plastic enclosure suit it for use with today's surface-mount technology. It meets the UL 94-5VA flame-retardant standard. A removable top with an insert area ideal for custom molding enhances the versatility of the case.

Optionally, a tab-style mounting flange that is simple yet durable may be added to the plastic enclosure. The case's standard size is 6.0 by 4.0 by 1.125 in. Customization options are available to meet customer specifications.

In 500-unit quantities, the SL series enclosure costs $3.06 each.

Polycase, 1305 Chester Industrial Pkwy., Avon, OH 44011; (800) 248-1233; fax (440) 934-0088; www.polycase.com.

Enclosure Suits Wireless, Internet, And Telephony Applications
The Millennium Gold 8U Carrier Class enclosure boasts a 16-slot backplane with the H.110 telephony bus, four 175-W power supplies, and four high-speed SCSI drive shuttles. According to the company, this rackmount enclosure suits mission-critical, Internet, and telephony applications.

It features three hot-swap fans mounted below the card cage and three hot-swap exhaust blowers above the card cage for optimal cooling power. An optional system monitor is a 6U CompactPCI board that allows the operator to monitor vital system functions. Its Internet-based firmware lets the technician monitor system functions remotely from any Internet-connected computer. An optional removable front door covers the entire front of the enclosure.

The 3U power supplies are one-slot wide, providing redundant power in a small space. Each supply provides 175 W of power, is equipped with a single P47 power connector, and is individually hot-swappable. LEDs on the front panel indicate power on and fault. The four SCSI hard-drive canisters support SCSI hard drives with SCA connectors on the rear that plug into a backplane. Their configuration allows up to 14 Gbytes of storage in only three 6U slots. The OSS System Monitor is a 6U CompactPCI board with transition module.

The Millennium Gold 8U enclosure costs $5395.

One Stop Systems, 735 S. Vinewood St., Escondido, CA 92029; (760) 745-9883; fax (760) 745-9824; www.onestopsystems.com.

Open-Frame Design For VME64X Eliminates Extender Cards
The T-Frame for VME64X combines a unique design and features into a versatile eight-slot benchtop test system for software and board-level development, manufacturing, and test. According to the company, this system primarily targets military, communications, and industrial control markets.

T-Frame for VME64X offers cross-compatibility for all VME applications, including VME32, VME64, and VME64 Extensions. Its open-frame design gives users unrestricted access to installed boards, eliminating the need for extender cards that can reduce performance. Side covers protect modules and maintain airflow while under test. They can be easily removed for full access to both sides of installed modules and unrestricted access to the backplane for probes and additional cabling. The T-Frame includes comprehensive monitoring of all backplane voltages, current, and exhaust air temperature. Power supplies can be installed in either the front or rear card cage, further improving accessibility. The eight-slot backplane is hot-swap compatible and includes the P0 connector on all slots.

The 1101.10/11-compliant card cage is constructed of rigid steel. The rear I/O card cage is adjustable for a wide range of board depths. The T-Frame also includes a tilt base, recessed carrying handles, and an internal 3.5-in. peripheral bay. Pricing for the T-Frame for VME64X starts at $3975.

Tracewell Systems Inc., 567 Enterprise Dr., Westerville, OH 43081; (800) 848-4525; fax (614) 846-4450; Internet: www.tracewellsystems.com.

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