Electronic Design

Packaging: Desktop Enclosures House Test Equipment And Computer Devices

The desktop enclosures in the KL series house a wide range of devices, including test and measurement equipment, medical equipment, and computer peripherals. The enclosures are available in five sizes ranging from 7.0 by 5.03 by 1.41 in. to 7.0 by 5.03 by 4.25 in. They're molded in light gray or black ABS with a textured surface finish. Other colors can be molded on demand. Each case comes with two aluminum front/rear panels secured by self-tapping screws. The panels are recessed to protect the connectors and controls. Four additional versions are offered with a bail arm for convenient carrying and canting of the unit. The top and base moldings have ventilation slots for cooling and screw pillars for mounting pc boards and chassis assemblies. Accessories include pc-board guides and nonslip self-adhesive feet. Pricing starts at $6 each.

TEKO Enclosures Inc.

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