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Packaging: High-Density Socket With Heatsink Targets Graphics Processors

A high-pin-count version of the Pin-Ball socket, which features a customized heatsink, is designed for high-end graphics processors. The new Pin-Ball socket has over 1400 balls and can be soldered directly to the existing footprint of a pc board. An aluminum heatsink delivers effective thermal dissipation of the excess heat generated by high-end graphics processors. The BGA/LGA socket provides 2 mm of clearance for end components, and it can be used for 0.8-, 1.0-, and 1.27-mm pitch packages up to 50 mm in any footprint configuration on any size board. In addition, the socket incorporates a spring probe technology with a spring force of 17 g at 0.25-in. deflection. Pricing for the 1400-contact Pin-Ball socket is $1500 each in single quantities. Delivery is four weeks ARO.

Aries Electronics Inc.

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