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Packaging & Interconnects: 5-Gbit/s Cable Assemblies Save PC-Board Space

The Triad Differential Pair (TDP) cable assemblies have a shielded dual-row 1.27-mm (0.50-in.) center-line pitch. They also have a cable-to-board interface that offers high speed (50 Gbits/s with 5000-cycle durability) and controlled impedance that saves pc-board space. Assemblies are available in sizes of 18, 28, 38, 48, and 72 circuits. They have two optional jackscrews (4/40 and M3) for reliable mating retention. Also, they come in up to 24 differential pairs and in standard 1.00-mm (3.28-in.) and 3.00-mm (9.84-in.) lengths. They can be customized to any desired length up to 5.00 mm (16.40 in.). An 18-circuit 1-m cable costs $14.50. Lead time is six weeks.

Molex Inc.
(847) 810-8999, ext.1408

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