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Packaging & Interconnects: BNC Miniature Bulkhead Cable Jacks Hike Connector Density

New bulk-head mounted cable jacks have been added to the UPL250 series of miniaturized BNCs, prompting a 40% boost in connector density. The 250 series' design, performance, materials, installation-tool compatibility, and overall quality are consistent with Network Carrier Class reliability standards (99.999% reliability) for telephone-company, central-office DS3 data-rate applications. The jacks feature 75-Ω impedance, straight and right-angle plugs, bulk-head cable jacks, and straight and 90° pc-board-mount jacks. A classic bayonet coupling mechanism ensures positive locking engagement to the jack. Pricing is $2.85 each in 1000-unit lots.

Trompeter Electronics;
(800) 982-2629

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