Electronic Design

Packaging & Interconnects: Color-Coded Screws And Terminals Simplify Visual PC-Board Inspections

Designers can hasten visual checkouts of pc-board connections thanks to a full range of color-coded screws and pc-screw terminals. The Rainbow 9190 series is available in red (-2), black (-3), white (-4), blue (-5), green (-6), yellow (-7), and clear colors. Its combination drive heads come in 1/4-in. lengths with six to 32 threads. When used with the company's pc terminals, they cost less than pc-screw edge-type terminals. Pricing for the color-coded screws starts at $93 per thousand in bulk quantities through the company's global distribution network. Samples are available from the company or its distributors.

Keystone Electronics Corp.
(800) 221-5510

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