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Packaging & Interconnects: High-Density Power Interconnects Aimed At Elevated Board Stacking

The TPCM/TPCF series high-density power interconnects on 2-mm (0.0787-in.) pitches will find their way into elevated board stacking. These four-row interconnects can carry 27 A at 80°C over four banks of four power pins each. An eight-bank system is being tested. Banks are separated from the nearest signal pins by 3.5 mm to maximize power capacity. Board spacing can range from 10 mm (0.394 in.) to 20 mm (0.787 in.). End shrouds ensure proper mating in blind applications. Tiger Buy tuning-fork-style phosphor-bronze contacts provide high levels of retention and cost-effectiveness. Pricing for the TPCM/TPCF series begins at $0.06 to $0.08 per mated line.

Samtec Inc.
(800) SAMTEC-9

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