Electronic Design

Packaging & Interconnects: Low-Cost PC-Board Terminal Blocks Handle High Current Levels

Low-cost, high-current (up to 18 A) applications, such as the alarm, security, lighting, and HVAC fields, can take advantage of the CUF and CUM UL94V0 molded pc-board terminal blocks. They're approved for UL and European standards. The plug's wiring connection uses the rising-edge clamp design and is rated for 12 to 24 AWG. With its innovative header and plug design, the plug can be inserted into the same pc-board header in either the vertical or horizontal position, depending on the application. Also, keying accessories prevent users from improperly mating the plug to the same-size header. Price starts at $0.39 each in 120-unit lots. Orders can be placed online.

Automation Systems Interconnect Inc.
(877) 650-5160

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