Electronic Design

Packaging & Interconnects: Rack Drawer Has Fold-Down Flat-Panel Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse

The SMK-590R 19-in. 1U 16-port console drawer and keyboard/video/mouse (KVM) switch includes a fold-down 17-in. LCD flat-panel monitor (1280 by 1024 pixels), a 105-key keyboard, and a touchpad for mouse controls. Each SMK-590R can handle up to 16 computers, servers, and devices. Users can monitor up to 64 devices simultaneously by daisy-chaining three additional KVM switches. The SMK-590R's unique design lets users maintain and repair the LCD display without powering down the KVM switches. The drawer easily extends 35.4 in. to better angle the monitor for viewing. Available now, the SMK-590R costs $1900.

Acme Portable Machines Inc.
(626) 610-1888

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