Electronic Design

Packaging & Interconnects: RJ-45 Cordsets/Receptacles Made Specifically For Ethernet

Two cordset and receptacle versions have been added to the RJ-45 product family for Ehternet/IP applications. They come in both pc-board and IDT receptacle versions, as well as in overmolded single- and double-ended bayonet-style cordsets. Both the cordsets and receptacles feature IP 67 and NEMA 6P ratings. They're specified for Category 5e, allowing for high-speed data transmission. They also meet the Ethernet/IP specifications of the Open DeviceNet Vendors Association and the ControlNet Vendors Association. Pricing is approximately $11 for a pc-board-mounted 9-ft single-ended cordset. Lead time is five weeks.

Molex Inc.
(603) 524-5101, ext. 262

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