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Packaging & Interconnects: Screw-Termination Blocks Augment General-Purpose Relay Designs

Relay designs looking for a shot in the arm may want to consider the two-pole 30-A T92 power relays. Flange-mount screw terminal, pc-board, and flange-mount quick-termination versions are available. M4 screws with capacitive pressure plates are provided for coil and load connections. Contacts are rated for 30-A resistive loads at 120/277 V ac or 20 A at 28 V dc. Ratings include 1 HP at 120 V ac, 3 HP at 240 V ac, and 1.5 HP at 480 or 600 V ac. Breakdown between contacts and coil is 4000 V rms 50/60 Hz; 1500 V rms 50/60 Hz between open contacts; and 2000 V rms 50/60 Hz between poles. A screw terminal T92 with a 24-V dc coil costs $3.64 in 10,000-unit lots. Lead time is 10 to 12 weeks.

Tyco Electronics
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