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Packaging & Interconnects: Solderable Center-Probe Socket Eases Universal Package Debug

Users can debug a wide range of package types, such as BGAs, UBGAs, MLFs, QFNs, and others, on the same package footprint thanks to an unusual solderable center-probe socket. The device provides 0.060-in. (1.52-mm) clearance for 0.80-mm and higher package pitches. The socket pressure-mounts to the adapter, which is soldered to the preexisting pc-board footprint via standard reflow processes. Insertion loss is only 1 dB up to 5 GHz. The socket, which has a lifecycle of over 100,000 insertions and withdrawals, is usable for all packages up to 13 mm2. Pricing starts at $194 each in 100-piece quantities with delivery in six weeks.

Aries Electronics Inc.
(908) 996-3891

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