Electronic Design

Packaging & Interconnects: Universal Adapter Board Kit Works With Most SMT Quad ICs

The P519 Snap-Apart quad adapter board kit works with most quad ICs on 0.4- or 0.5-mm pitch-pad spacings, enabling the rapid and economical prototyping of designs for engineering development. It can carry quad ICs with 32 to 256 leads. Each grooved adapter board takes surface-mount quad chips and breaks out the leads into dual-row 0.100-in. header pins. The kit holds on Snap Apart board with two adapters and eight 80-pin, 0.100-in. header strips. The P519 adapter board, which measures 5 by 7.6 in., is available now, priced at $59.95 each.

Bellin Dynamic Systems Inc.
(714) 630-8024

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