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Packaging & Materials: BGA Sockets/Adapters Come In Three Grid Sizes

Socketing BGA devices and interconnecting circuit boards now can be more flexible thanks to a trio of BGA socket/adapter systems. The system's three grid sizes fit 0.8- to 1.00-mm and 0.50-mm grid footprints. Press-fit into every mating socket is a gold-plated beryllium-copper "three-finger" contact. The company's #04 contact with a 0.010-in. diameter mating pin is used for 1.00-mm grids and #05 contact with a 0.018-in. diameter pin for 0.05-in. grids. A tapered EZ-IN pin is also available for 0.05-in. grids. In 100-unit lots, the S582-11-025-03-005414 socket and the S540-10-025-03-005498 adapter are priced at $12.508 and $12.245 each, respectively, with a four-week lead time.

Mill-Max Mfg. Corp.
(516) 922-6000, ext. 211

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