Electronic Design

Packaging & Materials: Carrier Board/Wireless Tablet Card Improve Time-To-Market

"System-on-a-module" is the novel approach taken by the Plug-N-Run G3 carrier board and TabletCARD. The combo makes a suitable platform for tablet-computing products based on Intel's Pentium M processors for 802.11, Bluetooth, and GPS applications. The board measures 160 by 100 by 13.5 mm, and the TabletCARD measures 203.2 by 182.8 by 25.4 mm. The latter is compatible with 10.4-in. LCDs. Integrated on the board are the processor, Intel's 855GME chip set and 1CH4 I/O controller, expansion SDRAM up to 1 Gbyte, 3D graphics, Bios, and dual independent display pipes. OEM prices start at $574 in moderate quantities.

PFU Systems
(408) 236-3034

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