Electronic Design

Packaging & Materials: Encapsulant Series Molds To Different IC Package Needs

The CN-1432 high-purity and high-reliability adhesive and underfill encapsulants satisfy the needs of various IC packages, such as flip-chip, chip-on-board (COB), chip-on-film (COF), ball-grid-array (BGA), and tape-carrier packages (TCPs). Underfill, glob-top, and cavity-fill compounds are all represented within the series. The electrically, thermally, and anisotropically conductive encapsulants suit die, substrate, heatsink, and flip-chip attachments. The CN-1432 material comes in 55-cc syringes, each of which is priced at $46.75.

Zymet Inc.
(973) 428-5245

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