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Packaging & Materials: Fiber-Optic Backlit Panels reach 30-ft-L Brightness

Backlit panels that require no inverter and generate no heat or interference yet possess a brightness level up to 30 ft-L sound unlikely, but that's not so with the UniGlo Optima fiber-optic backlit panels. These exceptionally thin (down to 0.013 in.) panels use 3- or 5-mm LED light sources with a lifetime of 100,000 hours or more. Power consumption is typically 3.6 V at 20 to 30 mA. One LED consuming 20 mA at 3.6 V dc or less can light as much as 20 in.2 With its backlighting technology, the fiber-optic backlight can have preselected die-cut holes or notches through the back reflector. This accomodates a visual spot for indicator lights positioned on the circuit board. Panel pricing starts at $0.25/ft2 in production quantities.

Lumitex Inc.
(800) 969-5483

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