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Packaging & Materials: Ganged Multiport Cages Deliver High Packaging Densities

Ganged cages can help free up board space, which in turn enables higher packaging densities. Such is the case with the Molex SFP multiport ganged cages that come in four press-fit versions of 1 by 2, 1 by 4, 1 by 5, and 1 by 6. The rugged metal-cage designs, based on the Small Form Factor Multi Source Agreement (MSA), incorporate a press-fit pin design for ease of use. They feature a compliant 360° gasket and multiple ground pin locations for electromagnetic-interference containment. A 20-pin host connector, copper modules, loopback adapters, short-fault-protection patch assemblies, and HSSDC2 cable assemblies are also available for a total solution package. Price per 100-unit lots ranges from $6.88 to $9.24. Lead time is six weeks.

Molex Inc.
(501) 851-4850, ext. 459

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