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Packaging/Interconnects: 10U 21-Slot VME64 Extensions System Comes Full-Featured

A full-featured transition card-ready thermally managed system integrates a 21-slot VME64 extensions backplane with P0 connectors. It features a shielded electromagnetic-compatibility 9-in. subrack that can accommodate up to 21 6U by 16-mm deep boards and 21 rear, 6U by 80-mm deep transition cards with clips installed in each card guide. It also features a wide-range input, power-factor correction, and a 1-kW four-output power supply (3.3 V @ 60 A, 5 V @ 120 A, 12 V @ 17 A, and −12 V @ 17 A). The chassis, VITA-1-1994 backplane, and power supply are fully assembled and wired. Dimensions are 10U high by 84 HP wide by 456.5 mm deep. Cost is $3000, with deilvery from stock.

Schroff Products
(401) 732-3770

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