Electronic Design

Packaging/Interconnects: Fiber-Optic Backlighting Panels Integrate Membrane Switch Pads

New fiber-optic backlighting panels for membrane switch applications feature conductive pads designed into the panel that integrate a switch into the fiber-optic backlight for use in keypads, keyboards, and membrane switches. Using as few as one 3-mm or 5-mm LED source, they permit low-power consumption (10 to 25 mA), have long life (up to 100,000 hours), have zero impact on the tactile feel of elastomeric keys, and can backlight a larger area than surface-mount LEDs. The conductive pads are printed onto the back reflector of the panel. Panel pricing with the integrated membrane switch conductive pads starts at under $1 for a basic 1.5- by 1.0-in. single-layer panel.

Lumitex Inc.
(800) 969-5483

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