Electronic Design

Packet Processing Software Exhibits Low Latency

Chiseled for use in high-frequency trading equipment, 6WIND now offers a low-latency network layer as part of its 6WINDGate software. With a latency below 10 ms, it allegedly outperforms standard server blades by orders of magnitude. The 6WINDGate solution provides low-latency protocols such as TCP Proxy, IP Forwarding, and firewall. As an example, on GE’s WANic 56512 IP packet processor board, configured with a 750-MHz Cavium OCTEON processor, 6WINDGate provides a latency of below 10 ms on the TCP Proxy function, compared to a typical latency in the millisecond range on an off-the-shelf server platform running a standard Linux distribution. 6WIND USA Inc., Mountain View, CA. (650) 968-8768.

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