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Pair Of 20-Bit Configurable Bus Switches Debuts

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Said to be the industry’s first 20-bit configurable bus switches, the FSTD16450 and FSTUD16450 both can also be configured as 4-, 5-, 8-, 10-, 16-bit switches. The FSTD16450 is a 20-bit configurable bus switch with selectable level shifting, while the FSTUD16450 adds undershoot protection. The devices offer designers significant space savings, design flexibility and part count reduction by replacing several 4-, 5-, 8- or 10-bit parts while maintaining the board’s current communications protocol. The bus switches use selectable voltage level shifting for translating 5V inputs to 3V outputs using a select pin. The switches also include standard features such as 4ž between ports, zero bounce in flow-through mode, propagation of only 0.25 ns, and low ICC of 3 µA. Samples are available. Pricing for the FSTD16450 and FSTUD16450 in lots of 1,000 is $2.10 and $2.25 each, respectively.

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