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Pair Collaborates On System-Level SoC Verification

DAFCA and GiDEL have agreed to work closely to extend and enhance the integration of GiDEL’s reconfigurable PROC systems and DAFCA’s ClearBlue reconfigurable instruments. Basically, the two companies look to take one part on-chip reconfigurable instrumentation IP, one part off-chip analysis tools, and one part board-level acceleration hardware to fabricate a comprehensive suite of system-level SoC verification and debug tools. It’s hoped that the combination will accelerate system-level transaction, function, and protocol validation, and provide a robust RTL source-level debugging capability.

DAFCA’s ClearBlue automates system-on-a-chip (SoC) and ASIC system validation through a combination of “on-chip” instrumentation and “off-chip” analysis tools and applications. The PROC_SoC and PROC board-level reconfigurable systems carry Altera Stratix II and Stratix III FPGAs that can be configured to emulate and verify complex SoC designs and to provide application-specific acceleration for computationally intensive processing that include DSP, image processing, military, and other performance-critical settings.

Detailed presentations and demonstrations of the technologies can be viewed at the upcoming DesignCon and DVCon events. Stop by GiDEL’s Booth #520 at DesignCon (www.designcon.com) at the Santa Clara Convention Center, February 5 and 6, and at Booth #802 at DVCon (www.dvcon.org), Doubletree Hotel, San Jose, February 19 and 20.



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