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Panel Pots Proffer Plethora Of Preferences

Providing users with a comprehensive selection of resistive devices from trimmers to precision potentiometers, the company's expanded line of panel potentiometers employ carbon or conductive plastic elements and exhibit life cycles of up to one million rotations. The P090 through P270 line includes potentiometers ranging in size from 9 mm to 27 mm with two, six, or eight gangs depending on the model, and some include switches. The components target a wide range of applications including white goods, instrument amplifiers, electric guitars, audio mixing consoles, musical keyboards and digital drums, industrial welders, test and measurement equipment, and HVAC applications. Typical pricing ranges from $0.25 to $0.50 each for consumer grade components and $1 to $5 for industrial versions. BI TECHNOLOGIES, Fullerton, CA. (714) 447-2518.


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