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Panels And Accessories Target VME64 Extension Cards

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A broad range of front panels and accessories have been developed for Common Mezzanine Cards (CMCs). The Dot-Ten PMC EZJect and EZX panels provide a quick and easy method of removal from Eurocard-format card cages. The front panels come with single or multiple slots that comply with the CMC document. An EMC gasket is provided to ensure the EMI/RFI containment required by most applications, while a conductive finish reporedly can provide for total EMI/RFI dissipation- from pc board to panel to card cage. The front panel kits and assemblies come in 6U x 4HP format. The Dot-Ten PMC front panel lets users mount I/O connectors and/or special indicators and switches, and the bezel fits into the CMC slots provided in the PMC EZJect or EZX panels.

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