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Panther Sets Torrid Pace With Socket 7 CPUs

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Through use of a Socket 7 (MMX/3D class) design, the Panther PC/104-Plus single-board computer (SBC) can accept various Pentium and K6 microprocessors to achieve processing speeds of up to 400 MHz. And by using a low-power, K6-2E processor in the socket, OEMs can do away with the fan needed with the other µPs. Panther SBC also features 10/10-Mbt Ethernet, SVGA/flat panel display interface, and plenty of memory, including 512 KB of L2 cache, up to 128 MB of system RAM, and up to 72 MB of DiskOnChip flash. Other features of the 5V board include: a re-programmable BIOS; a pair of connectors supporting dual USB ports, a floppy and IDE interface, LPT, and two COM ports; a watchdog timer; voltage sensing reset circuit; a self-resetting fuse on the 5V supply to the keyboard, mouse and USB ports; and compatibility with various Windows software and RTOSs.

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