Electronic Design

Passive Cooling Handles 400-MHz Celeron PC/104-Plus SBC

By adding a hefty heatsink to a 400-MHz, ultra-low-voltage (ULV) Intel Celeron, the SpacePC 4500 can run without active cooling. An extended-temperature (­40°C to 80°C) version is available. Up to 256 Mbytes of RAM is included on the single-board computer (SBC), as are four USB ports, a Fast Ethernet interface, two serial ports, a parallel port, a VGA video interface, an AC'97 sound interface, and PS/2 keyboard and mouse connectors. Also, an UltraATA integrated-development-environment (IDE) controller supports IDE solid-state flash devices. The SpacePC 4500 costs $795.

Parvus Corp.

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