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PC-104 10/100 Ethernet Module Extends Temperature Range

An extended-temperature version of the PC-104-Plus 10/100 Ethernet module is now available. The device operates from -20°C to 85°C. The EPM-NET-100 PC-104-Plus expansion board combines a dual-speed Ethernet interface (10BaseT/100BaseTX) with an onboard flash module for program and data storage.

On the board is a third-generation single-chip Fast Ethernet AMD controller, the PCnet-FAST III. This controller features a 32-bit PCI bus master interface and 12 kbytes of internal SRAM for communications buffering. An optional Ethernet boot-ROM site enables the system to automatically boot from a server at power-up. This feature eliminates the need for a local disk drive or boot device. The EPM-NET-100 also features onboard flash data storage with a 32-pin DiskOnChip socket. It supports plug-and-play, bootable, nonvolatile storage of up to 288 Mbytes using DiskOnChip 2000 or Millennium chips.

Currently available, the EPM-NET-100 costs $204 in OEM quantities.

VersaLogic Corp.
(541) 485-8575; www.versalogic.com

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