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PC-104 Board Harbors TI DSP

The SI-C6713DSP-PC104p PC-104 board enlists a 300-Mhz TMS320C6713 DSP from Texas Instruments, pairing it with up to 256 MB of SDRAM to yield a total power consumption of 2.25W. The board provides up to 64 analog inputs and 16 analog outputs, a timing interface with two digital synthesizers, four counters, and a digital interface that includes 32-bits of GPIO. In terms of programming, the board requires no C Compiler, Assembler, or DSP programming experience. Single-unit price with 64 MB of SDRAM starts at $1,985. Add $595 for each additional I/O module. For further information, call SHELDON INSTRUMENTS INC., San Diego, CA. (619) 702-6565


Product URL: Click here for more information

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