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PC-Board Design/Simulation Suite Melds With LabView

In the Series 9 edition of the Electronics Workbench Multisim, Ultiboard, and Ultiroute PCB tools, National Instruments has achieved a synergy between its LabView graphical development environment and the world of the electronic hardware designer.

Multisim 9 now sports a seamless link to the recently released LabView 8 as well as NI's SignalExpress interactive measurement software. The resulting environment bridges the gap between popular design and test tools. Using Multisim 9, designers can access enhanced simulation capabilities by using real-world data acquired by LabView.

Multisim now offers an array of 20 different virtual instruments. Users can create custom instruments in LabView as well. Also, there's simplified sharing of data between applications. Simulation results from Multisim can be imported into Lab-View or SignalExpress. And, LabView can capture real-world data for stimuli.

All of the Series 9 tools come in a package dubbed designSUITE 9. The full suite is available for $7995. Individual tools cost from $2000 to $3500 each. All are available now.

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