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PC-Board Layout Tool Gains Host Of New Features

With over 20 new features, Service Pack 1 augments the Ultiboard 2001 pc-board layout tool. New functionality centers on design rule checking (DRC) and netlist connectivity, the areas where mistakes most commonly occur. The tool's extended DRC error reporting means that, for example, identification of a DRC violation results in full details on the violators. A Connectivity Check function validates "rat's nest" connectivity and reports any disconnected netlists in the output window to ensure accurate netlist update after modifications. Additionally, the tool's Component Wizard has been extended to allow for custom pads on both through-hole and SMT devices. And, an enhanced design viewing capability automatically zooms into the appropriate area on the design when any item is selected in the output window, aiding swift navigation in complex designs. Service Pack 1 is available free of charge to Ultiboard 2001 users. Pricing for new users ranges from $399 to $4995.

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