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PC Card Carts DSO And DMM Capabilities To Laptops

Plugging into a laptop’s or other portable computer’s PCMCIA or PC Card slot, LapScope card comes with the firm’s GageScope for Windows software, which enables users to operate the card like an oscilloscope and digital multimeter without writing a line of programming code. Its on-board flash memory contains all of the drivers needed to configure the laptop. And it allows users to store, analyze and print data and to convert it to an ASCII format for use in spreadsheets and mathematical packages. Users can capture signals in the field, save them and send them over the Internet back to the factory. LabScope Plug-n-Play instrument card features 12-bit resolution digital scope technology with sampling speeds as high as 100 MS/s—8-bit scopes with up to 250-MS/s rates are also available. It also offers very deep memory buffers. With up to an 8 million point memory, LapScope allows users to capture and view very long timebases while maintaining a fast sampling rate for glitch capture. Other features include: up to 4 input channels; time-stamped data capture and storage for transient analysis; and 4-1/2-digit DMM option. LapScope comes in several models.


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