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PC Card Hosts CAN Fieldbus Applications

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The CANcard PC Card claims to easily interface any portable or desktop computer with a PCMCIA slot to a CANbus network. The card comes with an MC 68332 CPU and SJA1000 CAN controller integrated on the card.
Further integration includes 64 KB of DPRAM, a 128-KB flash EPROM, and 256 KB of SRAM. For specific or custom applications, an on-board FPGA configuration is also available.
Application-development libraries are currently available for interfacing to the card from both Windows NT and Linux. Development libraries are delivered with practical code samples to aid in rapid set up.
The company's graphical software environment, CANlook, is said to provide easy access to CAN data for statistical evaluation and custom generation of CAN messages. The software is an operating-system-independent package based on Tcl/TK script language, making it portable to Windows 95/NT and Linux systems.

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