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PC Card Offers Combination Of Serial Data Link & Flash Memory

The Serial Flash Link module enables users to access, store and transfer data from any device with either a PCMCIA or serial interface. The PCMCIA card offers the ability to serve as a non-volatile linear flash PCMCIA card, a serial RS-232 flash memory card and serial PCMCIA card programmer. The device is said to address the problems of system integration and a wide range of platform environment issues commonly faced at the end-user level. A generic command set, independent of the type of flash memory used, allows users to read, write and erase the card's memory without the inconvenience of having to select appropriate flash memory algorithms. A key feature is the unit's ability to function as a standalone card programming station. When coupled with a 68-pin socket adapter, the unit's on-board microcontroller can program, verify and erase either the on-board flash memory or any external flash card at the request of the host platform. The unit's RS-232 link supports data rates to 57.6 kbps. On the module are 128 kbytes of flash ROM and 4 kbytes of RAM.


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