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PC Cards Support 460-Kb/s Data Rates

Designed for applications requiring RS-232 compatibility, the ULTRA PC-SIO-485 PCMCIA cards provide a single asynchronous link to modems, terminals, printers, and data collection devices at data rates of up to 460 Kb/s when used with optional enhanced UARTs. The cards take advantage of the noise resistant RS-530/422/485 line to connect peripherals at distances of up to 5000' away.
The cards include the company's ULTRA Circuit, which is said to allow the cards to handle the low-level RS-485 driver maintenance automatically, making communications-driver replacement unnecessary. The PC-SIO-232 (RS-232) and the ULTRA PC-SIO-485 (RS-530/ 422/485) support data rates up to 115 Kb/s, without UARTs. Both boards are individually priced at $199.


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